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Special Options tiers:                                       

  1. Total $80 per Game Exposure (4 minimum) Pre-paid (Independent Player-Participant) 

  2. $160 per Month for High School Juniors (12 months agreement) 

  3.  $180 per Month for High School Seniors (6 months agreement)

  4. $680 per Season Super Seniors Transfers 19U High School/ College 


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                                                                                Services Offered

  1. Candidate PROFILE – Bombers Instructional Academy with the assistance of their designated  Coaching Staff (BIA) and with the services provided by our affiliate organizations will produce a profile of the student athlete (SA) for the purposes of providing college coaches with the factual information of the SA. It will include the SA’s color photo furnished by the SA/Parents.  In addition, the profile will also include personal achievements (both academic/athletic). Athletic. Stats, academic rank/gpa, HS/Baseball Academy Coach's evaluation, character references, as well as any other criteria which the college coach will need to initially to evaluate the SA. A profile sheet will be forwarded to the SA to complete with all info for the player profile. BIA requests that SA/parents create a personal video of the athlete. BIA will forward a list of criteria the SA will share to college coaches in the video interview. This video can be made utilizing YOUTube, Hudl, Vimeo, Field Level (Coaches Contact), Whatsapp or any other video service that usually is free of charge. The content should be NO LONGER than 2 minutes. This interview is a critical tool for the college coach to get a sense of the SA. If BIA provides the video, there will a separate charge of $180 for filming and editing the profile video. 

  2. INITIAL COLLEGE TARGETING -  The student athlete will initiate a LIST  of colleges (10 to start) that will most fit the SA both Athletically /academically. BBSP will assist in the selection process with targeted schools. BBSP will not suggest colleges which will not be a realistic  for the SA based on auditing college rosters, as well as the college team strength, in addition to conference rating, and college academic standards.

  3. INITIAL EMAIL COLLEGE CONTACT- BBSP will first assist the SA to e-mail the college HC or Coach Assistant/Recruiting coordinator to make them aware of the SA interest in their college program. In that e mail, BBSP will list only certain criteria that will initiate interest by the coach.  The content of the e mail will mention certain attributes of the SA, both athletically/academically.  

  1. FORWARD COMPLETE INFO OF ATHLETE TO THE COACH- If the College does show interest, BBSP will forward the COMPLETE Prospect profile of SA and video interview. BBSP will “ONLY” send out to additional colleges other than the initial 10 colleges who have “REAL” interest in the SA, no exceptions. Proof of interest by a college other than the original 10 schools must be in writing or an e mail (by a coach/recruiting coordinator) and parents/SA must forward to BBSP for proof of interest by the college coach or coordinator.

  1. ONGOING SERVICE- If after a SA is recruited by a JUCCO  and it’s necessary for the SA to transfer, BBSP will assist the SA in finding another college to transfer  to for only a transfer fee of  only $ 375.00. BBSP  will utilize the Player Profile/ Video Interview for the transfer process. The same strategy which 

BBSP utilizes in finding a college fit will be applied for the transfer.

6)     SHOWCASE/COMBINE LETTER- Whenever a prospect is scheduled to attend a Showcase or Combine, BBSP will forward their latest profile and a letter of recommendation highlighting all information necessary to make a positive impression on officials and coaches who may be responsible for evaluating the student athletes. This information will offer advice on how to prepare for recruiting visits as well. Cost of Showcases not managed by BBSP, may be subject to independent additional fees, depending on the showcase or combine. Each organization may charge additional fees as they see fit, BBSP does not control those costs. Field Level and/or any affiliate program are organizations or that may provide tools  that BBSP may utilize to promote the athlete, we don't endorse Field Level or its affiliates,  nor does Field Level endorses BBSP. Field Level is an independent firm used by Coaches such as ourselves to promote players to various colleges. BBSP partners with other organizations to provides a platform of services  to help.the SA in their efforts to become a well rounded SA. 

A representative dedicated to Field Level may ask you to upgrade for a fee, BBSP does not controls their prices if you (parent) decide to do so is entirely up to you, however,  as a member of:_________________________ Field Level Premium may be already included in your membership. 

BBSP may utilize other sources of promotion to enhance student athlete’s chances for recruiting opportunities. Due to ever changing processes, other promotional tools may be used for the benefit of the prospect. Of course, the prospect, will always be informed.

All Promotional Services will not begin until the agreed agreement is paid in full. Once payment is received, please allow 3-4 weeks to generate promotional tools agreed upon with the student athlete. This agreement can be cancelled within 3 business days of its signing and payment will be returned to the contractee less a $108  handling fee. Services provided for HS prospects included promoting them to NCAA, NAIA colleges and JUCO prospects to 4 yr. schools. Any personal information not pertinent to the promotion of the athlete, (listed in the promotional package) will be kept confidential by the contractor. SA/BBSP will discuss additional colleges that may be a legitimate choice by a SA for further contact to colleges. BBSP is in no way affiliated with any college or institution and is run independently by Bomber Instructional Academy. BBSP does not guarantee a scholarship/recruitment of the SA due to failing grades, injuries, or any off the field issues that could disqualify the SA for recruitment consideration while promoting. Or, if the SA selects not to continue playing her/his sport in college, or any other occurrences, which may disqualify the SA. BIA will utilize exposure techniques for the SA to obtain notoriety for the student athlete. This agreement is strictly used as exposure purposes for SA. BBSP does not discriminate, either by race, sex, color, creed, religion or natural origin. BBSP cannot  guaranteed  that if the SA abandons  campus, refuses a valid offer or decides later not to accept terms offer by a particular college, BBSP will not reimburse any or all fees for SA that accepts  an offer structured by BBSP.  


NOTE: These services offered by BBSP are quite time consuming, and the Athlete/Parents should be patient as the process does take some time for certain athletes. No other program in the US offers such a personable approach between BBSP and Athlete. We will treat every Student Athlete/Parents  with Honesty and Respect and we will do our very best to help your SA reach their goal of playing baseball at the college level, however,  this agreement in no way guarantee that any offer will be made. BIA under the BBSP program will exhaust all options possible without any promises, commitments or legal ramifications. All tiers are month to month after time has expired.


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I authorize Bombers Instructional Academy, Inc. to charge my credit card to pay for the services of Collegiate Recruiting Exposure for my son as specified above. I understand that Bombers Instructional Academy does not guarantee or make any promises that our son will be awarded a Collegiate Scholarship.


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