About Us

Our program is designed to help the young players in our community and adjacent counties to develop into an all around athlete, Many programs emphasis is on the diamond without the proper training of the overall athlete. For the past 15 years and with 80 years of combined experience our staff has helped well over 100+ players reach their dream of playing at the Collegiate Level, Our program was designed by former Pro and Collegiate experience coaches with the philosophy of building a solid foundation and an overall experience for the young athlete. We provide regular weekly training, workouts and practices and of course we have a full game schedule that provides the coaches the opportunity to evaluate what the players have obtained as well as a measure of their development. We service young athletes from 10 years old to our Pre-Collegiate Program. Feel free to contact us and have your young players experience our program. As our Mission Statement reads we are "Building Leaders Through The Diamond", we invite you to set up a time to one of our Orientations.
May God Bless you and hope to see you at our Fields!